David Brown, WWII  Veteran
D-Day: Utah Beach  ***  June 6, 1944

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Documentary Information
"David Brown’s D-Day:
The Story of a WWII Veteran
D-Day: Utah Beach" 

DVD: 95 minutes.

More than 65 years after his D-Day landing, WWII veteran Brown spends over an hour and a half sharing his experiences of the day that changed history, his army experience and the thoughts of a young man fighting to liberate a country from German occupation.

Over the course of six years, countless hours of footage was captured to develop a documentary reflecting David’s perilous view on the Greatest War and the single most momentous event of the 20th century. Through three return visits to Utah Beach, David speaks with pride about his role in history but shares his sadness over the sacrifices of thousands of others who did not return from the shores of Normandy.

David starts his personal story as a young man off to war only days after marrying his bride.  In the documentary, David pays tribute to his wife of 57 years and to the life-long friendships he developed while serving his country.  

This moving recollection of a WWII veteran captures the striking truth of American during the 1940's; the weeks and days prior to the invasion; the complex coordinated mission of the allied troops and details of daily survival during the battle on Utah Beach.
*A percentage of the sales of the DVD will go towards the DWB Dream Makers Endowed ISU Scholarship Fund.  For additional information: